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As an Elder and an educator with a 30 year tenure, I have consistently seen the need for ministering to God’s people. I’ve seen people lose their way because of circumstance, their pasts, and the many other issues that people are currently facing. A Holy Portion seeks to bring the Holy Ghost and Passion of Christ to God’s people through ministry, conferencing and regular speaking engagements. Through the Word of God, A Holy Portion is faithful that we will help deliver the Holy Spirit to the people so that they may be blessed and continue His many blessings. It is the goal of A Holy Portion to:
  • Preach the Gospel.
  • Inspire and help people like themselves.
  • Motivate people to become more in Christ.
  • Encourage those to become who they can be through the education of the Word of God.
Home   |   About   |   Speaking Engagements
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